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Top 5 Trends in Bathroom Tiles Design for 2021

Picking out the tiles for your Bathroom Renovation project is not so simple anymore. There are so many variations in design, form, color, and texture that can be struck. A few years ago, the bathroom tiles were mostly assigned to their functional benefits (water resistance, durability, low maintenance) but today, their aesthetic impact as important as their function. This is why manufacturers have expanded their selection to give the style a truly unique for homeowners. With the advice of our experts, we have identified the top 2021 trends bathroom tiles you should be alert to. They focus on finishes, colors, shapes, and patterns.

Trend #1: Graphic Tile Patterns

Whether on the floor or wall tile was the perfect accent in any room! Both the soft subtle colors or contrasting colors bold intricate patterns are available for these bathroom tiles to lure you in and capture your heart. This trend is number one on our list because it will be, or should I say, it was great! patterned tiles will continue to expand in popularity. From the subway tile to tile, it’s safe to say that the tile graphic pattern can be anywhere and everywhere especially your bathroom. This style really gives homeowners the opportunity to tap into their creative side or hire a designer to get creative for them. 🙂 Now we mostly see encaustic tiles become a popular choice for those with patterned tile, however, the style of porcelain which came out with the same thing! Expect to see a variety of bold prints and colors all over the tiles this year!

Trend #2: Move Over Glossy Tiles, Matte Finishes Are Here to Stay

Matte tiles popularity following us into the new year. They feature a soft but powerful beauty of the style that is not too excessive. The advantage of matte tiles is that they do not show the stains and watermarks easily such as glossy tiles. This makes them ideal for the bathroom floor, especially in the bathroom busy. Low sheen makes it easier to maintain. When installing tile matte finish make sure there is enough lighting, both natural and artificial, this tile is not known to reflect light.

Glossy finish tiles a more dramatic effect in the bathroom. They tend to create an elegant, highly polished look and feel. This is why they are still popular. They are especially great for small bathrooms because they tend to reflect light and create a perception of greater space than it seems. But because they require more maintenance and slip hazards, glazed tiles are often used on walls or low-traffic areas of ​​the bathroom floor.

Trend #3: Neutral Tiles (Especially Whites!)

Large contemporary design using neutral colors and this remains the case for the 2021 trend of bathroom tiles. Bright colors such as blue, red and yellow are not unusual in the bathroom and would not become a shining star in the near future. Instead, homeowners fall more in love with neutral and neutral, especially naked as gray and cream. Gray and beige have become super popular as a complimentary neutral. So much so, that the new color has appeared with the name and displayed in the selection of products

Trend #4: Subway Tiles with More Pizazz

Some may think the subway tiles can be tedious. They are white 3 with 6-inch rectangles that can be very ordinary. In 2021, the subway tiles will get a little more interesting as tiles depart from traditional sizes and patterns. In particular, we will see the tile is offered in more colors, larger size, and typical design patterns (dome, oblique, curved, and sculpture). subway tile is getting thicker and longer, with dimensions as large as 8 to 20. Couple that with contrasting grout color and the stage was set for a remarkable reversal of the general all-white display. You can be of different colors and even some of the tiles in a vertical or horizontal band or combine different patterned tiles to create a mosaic wall fun for your bathroom. It even became popular to see homeowners use mismatches tile pattern or texture to get that unique bathroom design that we all desire. The possibilities are really endless as subway tiles can be mixed and matched in all sorts of interesting variations.

Trend #5: Dimensional Bathroom Tiles

It is not only the color and pattern of the tiles that are increasingly diverse, but manufacturers are also toying with the form. 2021 bathroom tile trends will vary from traditional rectangular to a variety of other geometric shapes. One particular form which has made a resurgence in recent times is a hexagon. hexagonal tiles made their way back to the bathroom in all sizes, colors, and textures, especially on the bathroom floor, where they create unique looks different.

To take this one step further, creating a unique pattern, using different colored tiles, and repeat through space. Why stop at the bathroom floor? You can place these tiles on the bathroom floor striking you in big bold graphic design pattern tile, tile and combine geometric shapes with intricate patterns and colors to create a visually arresting style.


Choosing the right tiles for your bathroom can be quite a challenge. There is so much variety. You have to choose what color, finish, and shape you want not to mention the material itself. Hopefully, the above information on bathroom design trends for 2021 will help you decide which tiles will look best on your bathroom floor or walls.

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